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“Teamwork got Tenzing and me to the top of Everest” - Sir. Edmund Hillary

Tenzin Partners is an Asia-based human capital specialist firm specializing in financial services.



Our founder spent over 20 years in the executive search industry, with a focus on financial services in Asia.



Introducing advisory services to meet the increasing demand for addressing challenges faced by executives.


Expert Network

Expanding our network alliance to deliver expertise across industries, functions, and regions.

Asia has witnessed remarkable growth in the last two decades, giving rise to an expanding middle-class demographic with increasing demands. This surge establishes Asia as a pivotal market for companies and investors seeking growth. Navigating this diverse region presents challenges, each market featuring unique nuances not easily observed.

Serving as trusted guides, we assist clients in decision-making, minimizing risks to both brand and business in this dynamic landscape.

Tsewang Bhotia


Tenzin Partners

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